southampton scuba divers

South Africa and Mozambique 2017

Diving with sharks - an unforgettable experience

Diving with sharks during our scuba diving holiday on the reefs of the Aliwal Shoal in South Africa and Ponta do Ouro, in Mozambique was a thrilling experience. We were lucky enough to dive with ragged tooth sharks, whitetip and blacktip reef sharks and our favourite - hammerhead sharks. While diving we could hear humped back whales close by and saw several in the bay when on the surface


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Ragged Tooth shark
Reef shark
cleaner fish
Reef shark


reef shark with cleaner fish
Reef shark
julie with shark in distance
sea turtle


reef shark
shark with fishing tackle in mouth
karl with shark


julie with shark
shark overhead
shark with 2 divers
safety stop


jelly fish
jelly fish
julie and karl
dive boat


on the way to the dive site
karl diving
shark and fish


white tip shark
hammerhead shark
divers on a safety stop


Ken taking photos of a black tip reef shark